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Koodali Thazhath Veedu

Saturday, March 12, 2011


രാമായണം പാരായണം ഇപ്പോള്‍ കേള്‍ക്കാം


Koodali Thazhathu Veedu tharavad is one of the most ancient, rich and illustrious Nair tharavads of north Kerala. Its history can be divided into three parts.1. from ancient times to 972 M E Part2 from 972 ME to1026 ME part3 from 1026 M.E to the present times.


A bout three centuries back a few members of Kallyatan family of Nittur Puthiya Veedu in Nittur near Talasherry, migrated to Kanhirode and founded the Kunnath house there . A branch of that house went to Koodali and became the originators of Koodali Kunnath House .The Koodali Thazhathu Veedu originated from that house.The Thazhathu Veedu was gifted to one, lady named Kunhathai by her husband. Kunhathai was the daughter of Uppatti who belonged to Koodali Kunnath Family.Kunhathai’s son was Raman Nambiar and he was the founder of the Kalari Sthanam in Thazhathu Veedu, Raman nambiar obtained Gurukkalachan Sthanam from Kottayam Raja in the year 850 ME. Deities like Kuyyichathan , Bairavan and Bhagavathi were lodged in the Kalari by Raman Gurukkalachan. He was succeeded by Kelu Gurukkalachan who died in 899 ME to be succeeded by Koran Gurukkalachan who died in905 ME . Kelugurikkalachan the 2nd lived up to 940 ME. He aacquired forest lands in Muttanur andKavumthazha. Koran Gurukkalachan the 2nd succeeded him. It is said that during the time of TIPPU’s invasion, he got himself shot dead by his karyasthan as he stood worshipping his kalari bhagavathi, probably preferring death to dishonour.He was succeeded by Kelappan Nambiar who adopted Uthala Amma of Ramambeth House, as the other members of his family died he being the sole member surviving in the family.The adoption was from the parental stock of Kanhirode Kunnath family.Uthala Amma’s son was the famous Kunhamman Nambiar who succeeded Kelappan Nambiar when he died in972 ME.


Kunhamman Nambiar was an able person.He managed the tharavad well.He died at the age of 87 on Aswathi star day of Thulam in 1006 ME. He was succeeded by KELAPPAN Kelappan Nambiar The 2nd who later became the first Adhikari of Koodali Amsom. He also acquired extensive properties for the Tharavad. He died in 1026 ME [11. 9. 1851]
When Kelappan Nambiar died, the next male member in Koodali Thazhathu Veedu was only a minor by name Kunhi Kelappan Nambiar . When he grew up , he built the Pathayappura Patimalika in1044 M.E . He had already built the Keloth House in 1035 ME. He built the Poovathur Mahavishnu Temple in 1047 ME and the Kalasham Ceremony took place on 30th Mithunam 1052. He maintained correct accounts and managed the Tharavad very well. He died on 24th Kanni 1054 ME [9 /10 / 1878 ] and was succeeded by Kunhikannan Nambiar who was Karanavan till 1063. He was succeeded by Chathukutty Nambiar who died on 8th Kumbham 1066 . Kunhiraman Nambiar succeeded him and he was Karanavan till1093. He started an elementary school in Koodali in1066.He built a grand banglaw near the tharavad building for his guests to stay. His father Kalliat Kammaran Nambiar constructed the Komath House. Kunhiraman Nambiar’s brother in law was Chandroth Kunhi Chandu Nambiar , Kunhi Raman Nambiar managed the Tharavad very well. He married Vengayil Kalliani Amma.
Kunhi Krishnan Nambiar succeeded him. He constructed a beautiful school building, and became the founder manager of Koodali Higher Elementary School. He repaired the Koodali Kavu. He also constructed a Thevara Madham attached to the Thazhathu Veedu. His brother in law Kalliat Chathukutty Nambiar helped him in all the actions. He died on 17th Meenam 1102 and was succeeded by Kunhi Kannan Nambiar. He died in 1107 ME. Kunhi Kammaran Nambiar succeeded him. He was the first child born at Komath House in December 1887. He was a member of Malabar District Board and Chirakkal Taluk Board In 1923 . Kunhi Kammaran Nambiar was active in politics and he became M.L.A in MADRAS CENTRAL LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY.In 1107 ME he became Karanavar. In 1945 he founded The KOODALI HIGH SCHOOL. He was a great scholar .All the members of the family and the people of Koodali loved him and respected him.He was even elevated to the position in the executive council of the viceroy, one of the highest placements for which an Indian can aspire in the 1920s.He died on16th December 1955.He was succeeded by Padmanabhan Nambiar , who managed the school and tharavad very well.He was Karanavar till 1979.
After his death ,his brother Adv Damodaran Nambiar became Karanavar . He died in 1982 and after that Kunhi Kannan Nambiar became Karanavar.He purchased land for Koodali High School stadium. Kunhi Kannan Nambiar passed away in 1987 and Balakrishnan Nambiar became Karanavar.He re - started the annual Theyyam Festival which had been stopped for more than 18 yearsAfter his death in 1994.Kunhanandan Nambiar succeeded him and was Karanavar till 2007.He was the first Karanavar to live up to 90 years and his NAVATHI was celebrated at the tharavad in a grand manner.The present karanavar is Kunhi Krishnan Nambiar .He upgraded Koodali High School to Higher Secondary School.
The Theyyam festival is held every year at Koodali Thazhathu Veedu during the13th to 15th of the Malayalam month of Makaram [end of January].It begins with the KALARI POOJA on the 12th of Makaram.There are three temples [Kottam] attached to the Kalari.One for CHAMUNDY one for GHANTAKARNAN and another for VETTAKKORUMAKAN.The Kalari is more than 300 years old. As a land owning family, Koodali Thazhathu Veedu has made valuable contribution to the social, cultural and economic life of the region.The Karanavar being the trustee of Koodali Kavu Controlled the social and religious affairs of the locality.The family enjoyed social respect.K. T. Kunhiraman Nambiar another member of the tharavad was elected president of the Kerala Pradesh congress committee .He was imprisoned for several years for his active participation in the national politics.K. T. Madhavan Nambiar , a great mathematics teacher of his time was the first headmaster of koodali high school.K.T. Kunhi Kelappan Nambiar, brought honour to the school by winning the first award to school for meritorious service.The thravad house, the vast compound and the temples attached to it are well maintained even today.The karanavar lives there and manages the tharavad functions and also looks after the school.

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